Okay, Okay it has been entirely too long since I have blogged. Lot going on in this little world o' ours. Tsunami, Teri, School Shootings, Prince Charles and What's Her Face, the Pope and Da Poligs Hiding out in Texas (speaking of - check the comic - Pure Comedy)

FYI, (since I'm traveling a lot with a new job and have decided that I will go to EUROPE next summer) FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LOVE ME THE MOST, PLEASE BUY ME THIS!

I would love to tell ya'll about the cool job I landed BUT, I wouldnt want to risk any trouble.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi diva. this is your biggest admirer--your dad. I hope things ar blogging away. It is a real privilege to drop you a line here. What do you think of the new pope? Nuttin' new with me. just workin'away. See grandma if you are in BEAUTIFUL Bountiful.

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