One word: FUGLY. You've heard it, you kind of know what it means, you may have used it, and now it has a mass audience. Coming from a gal who likes to make up words (STRUH anyone?), Fugly has been reborn. I thought it went away after high school, I would use it here and there, but most the time everyone looked at me with the huh face. Then you are into the whole explanation phase - "You know when someone is so ridiculously fantastically funny looking? i.e. Not really ugly, but not quite right" Still the huh face.

First, let me say I am not one to bring anyone down, nor do I enjoy blogging about celebrities (I promise, I think its ridiculous, I like to post about relevant issues). But, sometimes you have to wonder how some peoples, mainly celebrities, thought processes work. I, myself have had a few fugly moments. (No, I will not be posting any pictures). So, after my last cryptic post, I really needed some laughter. The gals at my new favorite website du jour, gave me a fleeting moment of joy in my trials as of late.

The BEST POSTING of this entire site has to be the Ms. Britney Spears-Fugerline page. I have never been a huge fan, (Christina Aguifugla has the pipes, but that is another post), but her current downward spiral has turned me onto any news regarding Britney's current life i.e., drama. So for some serious good laughs, and maybe even some tears, read it all. WARNING: The posting does contain some vulgar language, but come on, in the context of the prose, it only adds to the hilarity.


Love, not time heals all wounds



Okay, Okay it has been entirely too long since I have blogged. Lot going on in this little world o' ours. Tsunami, Teri, School Shootings, Prince Charles and What's Her Face, the Pope and Da Poligs Hiding out in Texas (speaking of - check the comic - Pure Comedy)

FYI, (since I'm traveling a lot with a new job and have decided that I will go to EUROPE next summer) FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LOVE ME THE MOST, PLEASE BUY ME THIS!

I would love to tell ya'll about the cool job I landed BUT, I wouldnt want to risk any trouble.


Submission; powerful short film

This story on the dutch filmmaker interested me. So sad that by shedding light on this heinous act of violence against muslim women by thier own husbands, he is murdered! I understand (according to Blake who went there on his mission) that the dutch society and muslim societies are extremely separated in the Netherlands. It's interesting to me that the dutch philosphy of "live and let live" is now imploding in their country.

Anyway, back to the subject matter; I have read several books on muslim women and especially Saudi Royals (Princess trilogy read these books!). I applaud this dutch filmmaker for bringing to screen the tragic story of so many muslim women. I realize not all muslim women lead the horrific life as the woman in the film, but I think it happens all to often. I watched the film today and was moved. If you watch it, let me know what you think.



I loved this pic and wanted to post it so you all could check it out. I think it is beautiful! If only the proposed 9/11 monument could be this gorgeous. I find it interesting how pictures like this still make me so emotional as I remember that day.Posted by Hello


checkin it out

Hey everyone - Hopefully you got to check out my new blog. You are probably researching right now as to what a blog is. I hope you all feel free to comment and drop hello's. Love ya!


My First Entry!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my new blog! I am very excited about this since now you can all read my prophetic diva wisdom without having to call or see me in person!

And since I live in rural frontier and you dont often get the chance to come visit me (I know your dying to come to Cedar City, all of you!), we can all feel comforted that the diva remains true to her fabulous self, even in such a low key environment as southern Utah.

Please feel free to comment and ask any questions you would like. The Diva's river of wisdom runs deep.

Love ya'll! (I know not a very diva goodbye, but I have to blend in a little)